“An English Lady Came Up In Tears…”: Nathan Lyon Reveals Other Side Of Lord’s Long Room Incident


Usman Khawaja got into verbal spat with MCC members© Twitter

The dismissal of Jonny Bairstow during the second Ashes Test between England and Australia at Lord’s resulted in a massive controversy. Bairstow ducked a delivery from Cameron Green and although he thought it was okay to walk out of his crease, wicket-keeper Alex Carey quickly completed a direct hit and the umpires declared the batter out. While the Australians maintained that they were well within the rules of the game to appeal, English supporters were not pleased. They booed the Australian cricketers on the field and at lunch, Usman Khawaja got into a verbal spat with a few Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) members who were present at the legendary Long Room of Lord’s.

Since then, three MCC members have been suspended due to the incident Australia spinner Nathan Lyon finally opened up about what exactly went down during the incident.

“There were a few Australian guys and a few English guys in the lunchroom and I hobbled up on my crutches and stood in the middle of it and tried to calm things down a little bit,” Lyon said at the Willow Talk Cricket Podcastwhich is co-hosted by former Australia wicket-keeper Brad Haddin.

Lyon also shared a heartwarming story about how an England supporter was disturbed by the reaction towards Australian cricketers and she even apologised to him.

“I actually had an older lady come up to me in tears, an English lady in tears from the main members’ area, and she said ‘I’ve got to go home. I just want to apologise to you Australian cricketers for the way everyone has reacted inside the Lord’s”, Lyon said on the show.

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