Arturo Vidal blasts ‘loser’ coach Sampaoli after Flamengo exit

In his debut for Brazil league’s Athletico Paranaense on Sunday, Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal blasted his former coach Jorge Sampaoli for a lack of playing time.

“I am very happy to be playing,” said the 36-year-old, who went in for Vitor Bueno at the 17th minute. “I was always ready to play, it was just that I got stuck with a loser coach who did not know how to appreciate his players.”

Athletico beat Bahía, 2-0, off goals from Vitor Roque and Erick.

Vidal was signed by Flamengo last season with great expectations from his past performances with Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

But he spent little time on the pitch, though he won the Copa Libertadores and Brazilian Cup in his first season and last week, Flamengo ended his contract five months early. He played 21 matches, scored twice and assisted four times for the Rio de Janeiro-based club.

“All that is in the past now, I am happy now and I hope to be a starter in the upcoming matches and show everything that I have done over the course of my career, which is to be a winner.”

Vidal has won two Copa Americas with Chile plus multiple titles in Italy, Germany and Spain.

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