Best Deals on AmazonBasics Products and Accessories: Prime Day Sale 2023

Amazon’s own brand AmazonBasics is a popular choice for anyone looking for affordable tools and accessories. It’s best known for cables and adapters, but you can find everything from gadgets to kitchen tools and household furnishings under this banner. Of course, AmazonBasics products along with other Amazon-exclusive products such as Echo smart speakers and Kindle ebook readers are some of the most prominent offerings during the e-commerce giant’s promotional events. The Prime Day 2023 sale is entering its final stretch, and so it’s time to take a look at a few small and affordable items that you can get good use out of, or even just stock up on for future occasions. Here are some of our top AmazonBasics picks: 


Many laptops these days are too slim to have HDMI or Ethernet ports, and might only have too few USB ports. Even card readers are becoming increasingly rare. USB hubs exist for that reason, and AmazonBasics offers a variety of models with Type-C and Type-A connectivity. We like this 8-in-1 model because it supports up to 4K 30fps HDMI output and 100Mbps Ethernet, as well as SD and microSD cards. You get USB power pass-through to make sure you laptop stays charged, and a few USB ports as well for peripherals. AmazonBasics also has 7-in-1, 9-in-1 and 11-in-1 options, so see which one suits your needs best.   

Buy now at: Rs. 1,509 (MRP: Rs. 2,999)

Dual-monitor setups are great for productivity but not everyone has space for them. You can liberate a bit of space on your desk and also make your workstation more ergonomic with a VESA mount such as the AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand. It clamps to the back of your table, and each of the two arms can hold a monitor up to 30 inches wide and weighing up to 10kg. You can adjust the height of the pair and rotate each one individually. The mounts are compatible with any VESA standard monitor so setup should be easy enough. A cable management system also keeps things neat and tidy. 

Buy now at: Rs. 1,999 (MRP: Rs. 5,000)

It’s easy to lose track of chargers and wires, and the number of small accessories and dongles we all accumulate can quickly become unmanageable. It’s especially challenging to keep everything organised when traveling. This smart-looking pouch has more than enough room for cables and accessories, and its compartments and dividers are designed so you’ll always know where things are. There’s space for pens and pencils, power banks, charging docks, and even camera accessories. The compartments are adjustable so things don’t get jostled around. Of course it can be used for many things other than electronics as well. The material is waterproof and padded, and you have a choice of four colours – black, grey, blue, and maroon.

Buy now at: Rs. 399 (MRP: Rs. 799)

This battery-powered desk lamp has 10 brightness settings and three colour temperature options so you can place it anywhere and get just the kind of light you need. The neck is fully adjustable, and the 36 LEDs placed in a ring allow for wide dispersion of light. Use any USB adapter to charge it, and you’ll get 2.5 hours of runtime at the brightest setting or up to 25 hours at the dimmest setting. It’s fine for reading, working, or just casting ambient light in a room. Amazon says it has been tested for safety and performance.

Buy now at: Rs. 499 (MRP: Rs. 1,000)

Keeping all your devices charged is a pain, especially if you don’t have enough power outlets nearby. This 1.8m (6 foot) USB Type-C cable can be a game changer, giving you flexibility and convenience. It’s especially useful when traveling or dealing with unfamiliar spaces. Even when just lying in bed, you won’t be tethered to a cable that’s just a bit too short. It’s twice as long as standard USB charging cables so you can tuck adapters away out of sight and not have to stretch. This cable is surprisingly affordable, but it’s limited to USB 2.0 data transfer speed so it’s really only suitable for charging. You’ll find plenty of other types of cables including USB Type-C to Type-C and Lightning, to suit all your chargers and devices.

Buy now at: Rs. 189 (MRP: Rs. 795)

You can never have too many spare batteries at home – or maybe you can, if you order a 100-pack of AmazonBasics alkaline cells. Thankfully there are more practical packs of eight, 20, 36 and 48 units, and they come in AA as well as AAA and AAAA sizes. These batteries are priced competitively, and in this day and age with multiple remote controls, gadgets and toys in our houses, it’s always nice to have a stock when the ones you’re currently using run out.

Buy now at: Rs. 99 (10 count) (MRP: Rs. 295)

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