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PEN Studios’ Chatrapathi (UA) is the story of good versus evil.

Shiva loves his step-mother (Bhagyashree) and younger step-brother, Ashok but Ashok resents him because of the constant love and affection he gets from their mother. So, when their home and the chawls around gets destroyed due to a fire incident,

Shiva manages to become a leader of his town by fighting off local dons and promises to free the people of all the atrocities perpetrated on them. But he also manages to create many enemies in the process. It is not only Ashok, who would do anything to destroy his brother but also many others, who are out to wipe him out from the face of earth – it also includes his sworn enemy, Bhawani Prasad (Sharad Kelkar), a powerful goon, who is out to seek vengeance after Shiva killed his brother, Bhairav Solanki (Freddy Daruwala).

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