I’m on the Benidorm sunbed wars frontline – selfish Brits are getting more & more outrageous as they nab the best spots


A BENIDORM legend on the frontlines of the sunbed wars has claimed the battle is intensifying – with selfish Brits getting more and more outrageous.

Jade, a legendary stag do performer at the party resort, told The Sun Online of the horrors she’s seen when the poolside gates open up and the first wave charges the poolside loungers.

Jade revealed the battlelines have been drawn in Benidorm


Jade revealed the battlelines have been drawn in BenidormCredit: Benidorm Jade
Jade enjoying the sunshine as reclines on a lounger


Jade enjoying the sunshine as reclines on a loungerCredit: Benidorm Jade

The 30-year-old has lived in sunny Spain for eight years and recalls every holiday season being as chaotic as the last.

“Sunbed wars have been going on for years,” she told The Sun Online.

“The pool area opens at a certain time of morning and people literally race, pushing each other out of the way trying to grab those sunbeds”.

In her years of experience living and holidaying across the Spanish islands, the entertainer, known as Benidorm Jade, believes that it’s the Brits and the Germans causing the most havoc.

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“It used to be said that it was the Germans that were the worst,” she revealed, “but I think it has turned out that the Brits are, to be honest”.

“Benidorm is so popular with the British and there’s so many of us here – I think they’ve kind of taken over on the sunbed wars”.

Some Brits kick-off when they told off by hotel staff – including one incident where they dumped the towels in pool as a couple had not been seen.

Jade explained: ” They even said themselves they had spent the afternoon in the pub and had not intended to use the beds until later in the afternoon despite putting their towels down to reserve in the morning.”

“People are even putting towels down in the middle of the night, and are then surprised when their towels are either gone or the towel and bed being used by someone else,” she went on.

“This is causing heated arguments even though many hotels have policies not allowing this.”

She described the scenes as “surreal to watch” as the resort expert recalled listening to people’s constant “bickering and arguing over the best positions” and people fuming over “Who’s stolen my towel from six hours ago?”

“There are all these heated debates going on, all these kinds of arguments – aren’t you meant to be on holiday, and here we are arguing at 7am in the morning,” she said.

As the phenomenon of sunbed wars in sunshine resorts continues to become increasingly popular, Jade says the whole idea is “unfair” to the people that just want to relax by the pool for an hour.

“People are reserving the beds with towels and not intending to use them and now there’s nowhere for anyone else to sit,” she said.

And not only are the manic dashes to claiming the deckchairs “irritating” to many holidaymakers but also a complete waste of time, according to the resort expert.

“Like really, why would you want to spoil your holiday over a petty argument?” she said.

This comes as a Spanish hotel was forced to hire a security guard to break up fights as Brits were spotted getting up at the crack of dawn to battle other holidaymakers for sunbeds.

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Another distressed mum burst into tears after she got caught in Benidorm’s chaotic sunbed dash as she said the desperate Brits were “swarming like ants”.

And one tourist was left so concerned about the sunbed wars that she packed her own inflatable lounger in her suitcase before traveling.

The sunbed wars are in full swing this summer as Brits battle for spaces


The sunbed wars are in full swing this summer as Brits battle for spacesCredit: Kennedy Newsand Media
Video shows people sprinting to get the best beds in Benidorm


Video shows people sprinting to get the best beds in BenidormCredit: Caters

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