I’m the King of Benidorm – My top tips for having the wildest time on holiday… don’t believe what you see on TV


A BENIDORM bar owner has shared his top tips for having the wildest time in the party resort – and warned holidaymakers not to believe what they see on TV.

Frank The Stag Man revealed all the hidden tricks to getting the most out of your holiday after living in the city for over a decade.

Frank The Stag Man revealed his top tips for having the wildest time in Benidorm


Frank The Stag Man revealed his top tips for having the wildest time in BenidormCredit: Frank the Stag Man
The stag and hen do bar owner has lived on the party island for over a decade


The stag and hen do bar owner has lived on the party island for over a decadeCredit: Frank the Stag Man
The Benidorm expert hosts some of the wildest parties on the island


The Benidorm expert hosts some of the wildest parties on the islandCredit: Frank the Stag Man

The self-proclaimed “King of Benidorm” – who once hosted 200 stag and hen dos in his bar in one day – has shared everything he’s learned about having the best time out on the town.

Frank explained that it’s not usually the pricing of Benidorm holidays that puts people off – but the way it is portrayed on our TV screens.

He believes shows such as Benidorm and Bargain Loving Brits display the city as “really boring” and only shows “about five per cent of what Benidorm’s really like”.

“Benidorm is cheap and cheerful, it’s not an expensive place,” he told The Sun.

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“It’s such an amazing, exciting place.”

Frank bought the popular Miller’s Bar shortly after moving to the party resort from Gran Canaria 11 years ago – dubbed the home of “extreme stag and hen fun”.

The bar hosts some of the wildest nights on the island – where Frank looks after stags being covered in hot wax and stripped on his tables.

“It’s just one of those things where what we’ve created over the years has just really kicked off so that it just became bulletproof,” he said.

“I always pushed the boundaries as much as I could. You know, like try and go more extreme because that’s what the people want.

“Having a bar or having bars means two things. Number one, you have to run them, and number two, you have to make ’em busy.

“And I was very good at making them busy. The bar works really well, but it is famous for being a stag and hen super bar.

“I think that’s where we say what happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm. Right?”

But while running Miller’s, Frank has witnessed the common mistakes that visitors tend to make while on holiday that can turn your glam getaway into a total nightmare.

“Cash is king in Benidorm, places do accept card but some don’t,” he warned.

“We have a lot of experiences with people that have cards, and then because they’re overseas, their card is blocked by their bank.”

The bar owner recalled seeing several boozed-up guests trying to get money out of machines but their card being declined – and said it’s becoming an increasing problem in the city.

“They’re over on a weekend and the banks are not open, so they’ve got a card and they can’t use it,” he said.

“When you go somewhere on holiday and you stick your card in a wall or you go to pay for a drink and suddenly your card is blocked and you can’t get hold of the bank until Monday, that’s a real problem.

“A lot of the time the hotels want deposits. How are you going to pay your deposit if your card is blocked and you haven’t got any cash?”

But this isn’t the only thing standing in the way of you enjoying a wild time in Benidorm, according to the party expert.

Frank also urges tourists to take a picture of their hotel so they don’t get lost on their way home from a night out – especially if they’re taking a taxi.

If you’re planning a trip to the party island, you may be wondering where the best places are to visit if you’re looking for an “extreme and memorable stay”.

The “Stag Man” told The Sun that Benidorm is made up of three main areas – Old Town, New Town and Rincon.

He recommends the Old Town to families and holidaymakers looking for a more traditional and relaxed visit to the island.

Meanwhile, New Town – a large area that Frank has called “Clubbing Land” – is home to the famous English Square.

“You’ve got really good Irish bars, Scottish bars, you’ve got Northern Island bars, you’ve got Welsh bars,” Frank said.

“It’s very cosmopolitan, there’s something for everyone there.”

Also based in New Town is The Strip – which is massively popular with party groups because of its clubs, tribute bars and cabaret bars.

Frank advised those looking for a strictly family-friendly holiday to Benidorm to visit Rincon which is filled with beaches, markets and restaurants.

“Benidorm was literally just two and a half hours away from the UK,” he said.

“It was busy and it just appealed to me because it was a bit more like the UK but with better weather and the better climate.”

It comes after we spoke to Frank’s girlfriend, the legendary stag do performer Jade Benidorm who shared her top tips for surviving the party city.

Together, the power couple have taken the island by storm as they team up to give visitors the most “memorable holiday” while becoming more widely recognised in the streets of Benidorm.

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“It’s a big thing to wrap my head around because it’s, just so unexpected,” she told The Sun.

“It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t like we tried to do this, we were just doing our thing and doing what made us happy.”

Frank is now a recognised face in the streets of Benidorm


Frank is now a recognised face in the streets of BenidormCredit: Frank the Stag Man
His wild stag and hen dos are 'extreme and memorable'


His wild stag and hen dos are ‘extreme and memorable’Credit: Frank the Stag Man

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