Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 73, rushed to hospital ‘after complaining of chest pain and fainting’ at home

ISRAEL’S Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been rushed to a hospital after feeling unwell.

The 73-year-old reportedly complained of chest pains before fainting at his home in Caesarea.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been rushed to the hospital


Benjamin Netanyahu has been rushed to the hospitalCredit: Reuters
The Israeli Prime Minister during his visit to the UK in March


The Israeli Prime Minister during his visit to the UK in MarchCredit: Jack Hill/The Times, The Sunday Times.

He was undergoing medical evaluation in Sheba Hospital, his office said.

An official close to Netanyahu said he had fainted but was fully conscious at the hospital, according to Israeli reports.

The Israeli leader walked into the emergency room, Israel’s Channel 12 TV said, quoting the premier’s doctor.

He was not undergoing sedation and no procedures were underway to declare him incapacitated, Channel 12 said.

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It is the second time the Israeli leader is being hospitalised in the past year as last October he was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.

He also underwent a “routine colonoscopy” in January.

A spokesperson for his office confirmed: “Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived a short while ago to the Sheba Medical Center.

“He is well and is undergoing a medical evaluation.”

Netanyahu is Israel’s longest-serving leader as he has served multiple terms stretching over 15 years in office.

The conservative leader has been in the eye of a political storm over his controversial judicial plans that sparked fiery protests across the country.

Benjamin Netanyahu refused to back down over the new laws that could give politicians the power to overrule judges.

In the wake of the protests across Israel, he vowed to make sure new laws would not give “unlimited” powers and wanted to find a “happy centre” ground.

He has also been on trial in three corruption cases in which he denies wrongdoing.

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