Prithvi Shaw Echoes R Ashwin’s “Colleagues, Not Friends” Sentiments On Indian Players


Veteran Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin dropped a bombshell on fans as he revealed that players in the national team are more of ‘colleagues’ than friends. As Indian cricket lovers were trying to overcome Ashwin’s sentiments, young opening batter Prithvi Shaw echoed the all-rounder’s sentiments, suggesting the players hardly open up to each other. Shaw, who has been out of favour across formats when it comes to national team selection, revealed that while players do talk to everyone, they hardly open up to each other about what happens in their life.

In an interview with Cricbuzz, Shaw was asked which player he opens up to in the team about the difficult points in his career. The Delhi Capitals star revealed that he has never opened up to anyone.

“Everyone talks to each other. But opening up… hardly. At least, I’ve never opened up to anyone. Yes, all the mazaak-masti (fun and games) happens. But personal space used to be personal,” he said.

When asked about the person he reaches out to share his thoughts, Shaw picked his father and his coach as his go-to people.

“I keep talking to my dad. If it’s about cricket, I reach out to my coach, Prashant Shetty. I am telling you, nowadays, I have stopped sharing my thoughts with people. I keep it all within,” he revealed.

When asked if he has stopped opening up to people because people have intruded his life, the 23-year-old said that he used to open up to people easily, but not anymore.

“I say things frankly. Earlier, when someone would speak to me nicely, I would open up easily. Later, I would get to know someone is saying the same things behind my back. Not once, this has happened several times. But it doesn’t matter to me now. I understood on my own that this world works differently.

“I feel the concept of best friend has been created by us. ‘He’s my best friend’. A ‘friend’ is fine, but there are no ‘best friends’ as such. I also have friends, I am also a friend, but best friend – you won’t share everything with them. You won’t give your ATM pin to them, right? They say ‘best friend is the one who shares everything’. We can’t share all this, no?”, he pointed out.

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