Satellite pics reveal Kim Jong-un is ‘building ANOTHER private train station and horse racing track near beach mansions’

SATELLITE images suggest that Kim Jong Un is apparently building his own private train station on the east coast near his mansions.

Pictures reveal the station’s construction site is located between Hamhung City and Rakwon County – close to the North Korean leader’s Majon and Soho beach mansion complexes.

North Korea's leader is seemingly building a new private train station


North Korea’s leader is seemingly building a new private train stationCredit: AFP
Satellite images show Kim's new train station near the Majon Resort


Satellite images show Kim’s new train station near the Majon ResortCredit: NkNews
The new station is located between Hamhung City and Rakwon County


The new station is located between Hamhung City and Rakwon CountyCredit: NkNews

The satellite images by Planet Labs, analysed by NK Pro, show that the new station is also close to the elite Kim Jong Suk Naval University.

It appears it is one of the despot’s favourite spots as he has previously used the beaches at his Majon mansion and Majon Hotel next door to launch missiles.

The images reveal that construction of the station began in December while three months later crews started building small bridges to connect the railway to the station.

After the instalment of the roof in June, the train station appeared nearly ready this month and could open over the summer.

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An analysis of the images by NK Pro speculates that the new train station is for Kim and his family due to its similarities with another station, in Pyongyang, where his main private palace complex reportedly is.

The North Korean leader built a large 1,200 feet private train station in 2020 in Pyongyang, arguing he was looking for safe ways of travelling amid security concerns.

The new one on Majon Beach is 985 feet and just over half a mile away from a different station in front of the Majon Resort beach.

The satellite images have also uncovered a new oval track on a beach that could be used for horse racing.

Kim has built private runways around the country as well as top-of-the-line horse tracks.

The tyrant has splurged on multiple luxurious properties across North Korea as well as underground buildings at his office complex in the capital.

Last year eight luxury houses were detected in his Ch’angkwangsan compound at the heart of Pyongyang.

The compound opposite the ruling party’s offices in Kim’s “forbidden city” is only one of about 13 available to the dictator, his family and close aides across the country.

In 2019, the despot built his personal beach resort and upgraded his fleet of megayachts.

Kim’s new construction plans have been revealed just days after he launched another ballistic missile out to sea.

The launch has sparked concerns from the White House he will conduct yet another missile test.

Speaking to CBS News, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said: “I have been concerned for some time that North Korea would conduct what would be its seventh nuclear test.

“I don’t see any immediate indications that’s going to happen, but it would not come as a surprise if North Korea moves forward with another test with respect to its intercontinental ballistic missile capability.”

The construction of an oval track suggests it could be a horse-riding track


The construction of an oval track suggests it could be a horse-riding trackCredit: NkNews

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