The Fablemans (English)


THE FABELMANS is a coming-of-age story of an aspiring filmmaker in the 1950s. Sam Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) resides with his mother Mitzi (Michelle Williams), father Burt (Paul Dano) and sisters Regina (Julia Butters), Natalie (Keeley Karsten) and Lisa (Sophia Kopera) in New Jersey, USA. Burt is a computer genius and he works with his best friend Bennie (Seth Rogen). Mitzi is an expert piano player but had to give it up to raise her kids. One day, a very young Sam is taken to a movie theatre by his family to see The Greatest Show On Earth. Sam is stunned to see the scene where a train hits a car and then collides with another train. For Hanukkah, Sam asks for a miniature train set. Just like he saw in the film, he crashes his miniature train set into a toy car. Burt is disappointed but Mitzi understands his reason for doing so. They possess a video camera and Mitzi asks him to film the clash. Sam takes up the suggestion and soon, he starts filming regularly. The Fabelmans’ then move to Phoenix as Burt gets a better job in the Arizona city. Sam grows up and the family helps him when he shoots for films. Burt sees this as a hobby but Sam is adamant that he wants to pursue a career in filmmaking. Burt argues that it’s futile to do so because according to him, it will not help anyone in any way and that one should take up work which will be useful to society. As Sam struggles with his father’s disagreement, he gets another jolt when he realizes that his mother is cheating on Burt. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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