Woman Urinates On Plane’s Floor, Claims Airline Didn’t Let Her Use Washroom


Woman Urinates On Plane's Floor, Claims Airline Didn't Let Her Use Washroom

Spirit Airlines have not yet commented on the matter.

Over the last few months, unruly behaviour in flights have become a common occurrence. From a passenger peeing on another passenger, airlines leaving passengers at the airport to a scorpion biting a woman on a flight are some unusual incidents that took place in the aviation industry recently. In another bizarre instance, a woman said she was “forced to urinate” on the flight mid-air claiming the airline staff refused to let her use the plane’s restroom for several hours, as per a report in View From The Wing.

The incident took place on a flight operated by US-based Spirit Airlines. As per the outlet, the woman claims that she waited for two hours and “couldn’t hold it anymore”. Therefore, she urinated on the floor of the aircraft and a video of the same was recorded by a member of the cabin crew. 

“07/20/2023 An African American on board a flight @SpiritAirlines urinates on the floor because she doesn’t want to wait for them to open the lavatory after takeoff. The flight attendants, meanwhile, tell her she should drink water ‘because your pee smells bad’,” said the caption of the video.

In the short clip, the woman can be seen squatting on the airplane’s floor and arguing with the crew members. 

“It’s downright disgusting,” said a user.

“Even my cat is much cleaner and patiently waits for her litter to be changed…” commented another user.

A third person added, “Every day brings its share of civilizational decadence.”

Spirit Airlines have not yet commented on the matter. 

However, this is not the first time such an incident has taken place on a flight. In 2018, a Wizz Air passenger crouched down and urinated on the plane’s floor after she was informed that she couldn’t use the lavatory while the plane was being refuelled, as per a report in UK’s Metro. The woman claimed she was forced to relieve herself in the galley where the food is usually prepared.

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