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Even rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran were united in condemning the series of incidents in Sweden and Denmark

Muslim-majority nations are criticizing the governments of Denmark and Sweden for repeatedly allowing the burning of the Quran in their capitals. The latest incident took place in Copenhagen on Monday.

Türkiye condemned the protest, which was staged by an ultra-nationalist group called Danish Patriots in front of the Iraqi embassy. The Turkish foreign ministry called the protesters’ actions “vile attacks against our holy book” and urged the Danish authorities to “take the necessary measures to prevent these outrageous acts.”

Baghdad blasted both the Monday burning and the previous demonstration by the same group, which took place last Friday.

“These systematic actions expose societies to the infection of terrorism and hatred and threaten peaceful coexistence,” the Iraqi foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Last week’s event in Copenhagen, which the Danish Patriots live streamed on Facebook, triggered mass protests in Baghdad. Bridges to the Green Zone, which houses several Western embassies, were closed off on Saturday and security measures were increased by the government.

Quran burnt outside Iraqi embassy in Denmark

Danish diplomatic staff left Baghdad on the same day, the Iraqi ministry reported on Monday. Denmark said its embassy was closed for summer holidays, but denied withdrawing personnel.

The Swedish embassy in Baghdad was overrun by angry protesters just days earlier, who were retaliating for a Quran burning in front of the Iraqi diplomatic mission in Stockholm. Iraq expelled the Swedish ambassador and recalled its own representative to the country in response.

Algeria, another Muslim-majority nation, summoned the Danish ambassador and the Swedish chargé d’affaires on Monday to issue formal protests over what it called a string of “immoral and uncivilized acts.”

Saudi Arabia issued a condemnation on Sunday, before the latest episode in Denmark took place, saying that the desecrations of the Quran were “inciting hatred and violence between religions.”

Riyadh’s regional archnemesis Tehran took the same position, with the Iranian foreign ministry reportedly summoning the Danish ambassador on Sunday. The statement expressed condemnation of “any defiling of Islamic sanctities anywhere in the world.”

Western diplomat expelled over Quran desecration

Muslim critics of the politically-charged Quran burnings in Europe say the perpetrators are abusing freedom of expression in order to incite hatred.

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