Woman Narrowly Escapes Terrifying Two-Car Collision In Argentina

Caught On Camera: Woman Narrowly Escapes Terrifying Two-Car Collision In Argentina

No one was seriously injured in the dramatic collision. (Representative pic)

In a heartstopping moment, a woman narrowly escaped being seriously injured or killed after two speeding cars collided in a street in Argentina on Wednesday, according to The Independent. 

Footage of the shocking moment was captured by CCTV. It showed two cars smashing into each other and narrowly parting moments before colliding with a woman crossing the road in La Plata. 

Watch the video below: 

In the clip, the woman was seen trying to cover herself with her hand during the accident as the two vehicles were ejected in the opposite direction. While one of the cars crashed into a nearby bus, the other vehicle went in the opposite direction, luckily missing the pedestrian. 

Following the terrifying incident, emergency services and bystanders assisted the woman and drivers involved in the crash. According to The Independent, no one was seriously injured in the dramatic collision.

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Meanwhile, the video of the terrifying incident has gone viral on social media and triggered an array of comments. Reacting to the clip, one user wrote, “Wow. She has an angel on her shoulder”. “Good to see she is safe and the the green jacketed street cleaners arrived quickly to clean up after her awful fright,” added another. 

“If someone had stopped her leaving home or office 1 second later by asking a random question she would be dead. Or maybe someone did do that and saved her,” commented a third. “Wow, the luckiest person alive …. She had her guardian angels working overtime today,” wrote a fourth user. 

“Wow! Scary moment & lucky escape!” said another. “Wow, what an incredible incident. She survived but only because the cars sheered off in opposite directions. That indeed was a miraculous escape,” commented one user. 

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